Words that speak to my heart of Dave

I knew I loved you before I met you....
We shared something special you and I
that nobody else can touch,
A love that burns eternally
and holds with it so much.

I held you in my arms
the day you slipped away,
Nothing could have prepared me
for the sorrow I felt that day.

No one on earth could replace you
and no one ever will,
In life I loved you dearly
in death I love you still.

Silent tears still flow
that others do not see,
For I have lost my soulmate
And he meant the world to me.

Written for sammie
By Karina-Angelswolf


Saying goodbye is the hardest thing I ever had to do.
Letting one go on ahead as special as you.
But let you, i knew i must no matter how it hurt my heart.
For deep inside I knew we would never really be apart.

That silver cord that conects your heart with mine.
Will remain through out the years and stand the test of time.
Time nor space can ever take away our love.
For i know you watch me from the stars above.

So each and every night I will look to the sky.
Sometimes i will be sad and sometimes i will cry.
But your love will give me strength to carry on.
My heart knows you aren't really gone.

As i look to the stars in the sky above.
My lonely heart feels your healing love.
The tears i shed will dry upon my face.
And my soul will feel your warm embrace.

Life will go on and one day we shall be.
Together once again my love you and me.
When that day comes my time on earth will be complete.
And we will be together once again when our souls meet.
© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~March 1 2006~~

Do you feel me in your heart when you think of me?
In the quiet moments of the night
when you are all alone is where I will always be.
The morning sun will find me with you resting by your side.
Through all time no matter where you are with you i will abide.
The moments we shared ,our memories will always be with you.
Noone can take our time away what we shared will get you through.
My love for you will never end it goes on throughout eternity.
Then one day you will come to where i am and always be wth me.

So please be strong and worry not for I am happy here.
Your thoughts of me comfort my soul and let me know you are near.
My greatest wish is that when you miss me most you feel me always near.
And know deep within your heart that when you come i will be waiting here.
© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie

Dwell not on the sad and tragic end.
But instead let your memories be of happy times we shared.
Know in your heart and soul you were my closest friend.
And remember with peace of heart that I always knew how much you cared.
What life has in store for us is a mistery to each until it comes to pass.
Each one has a path to walk and noone knows the journeys end at the start.
If only we could see where life would take us through a looking glass.
We would know the time and day we would have to part.
But if we knew all there was to know and what life had in store.
We would focus on the end and never enjoy the dance.
We would not be free to live and love as we diid before
So in sweet memories dwell now upon the time we had the chance.
My heart is with you still and for ever and one day.
There is a silver cord that conects our hearts that the eye can never see.
So with all my heart my dearest friend I have these words to say.
Deep inside your heart and soul forever i shall be..
I ahall wait for you where no harm can ever come to me.
At a beautiful place called heaven where peace and love abound.
One wonderful day in time you will come and waiting there for you I shall be.
© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie

If tomorrow never comes then we had yesterday.
If we never have one more moment we have our memories
If time stands still and there are no more words to say.
You will hear me calling you in the softness of the breeze.
Listen to your heart and you will feel me there.
Deep within your soul i will stay with you.
Thoughts of me will keep you warm I will be everywhere.
No matter where you go my love will always be true.

If tomorrow never comes then i will wait for you my friend.
Just beyond the rainbow where there is not a care.
Of one thing you can be sure there will never be an end.
One day you will come and find me waiting there.

So look beyond the rainbow and hear me softly say.
There is no need for all those tears my love.
We shall be together forever and one day.
Until then i shall watch you from above.

I will hold you in my heart and never let you go.
I will guide your every footstep along lifes way.
Then one day i will run to your waiting arms and you will know.
This is our time and you may come and stay.
© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie ~ Nov. 21 2005~~

Did you know how much I loved you when I held you that last time
Was there something else I could have done I had not time to do.
Had I shown you just how happy I was that you were really mine.
Did I ever tell you in this world there would only be one you.
Do you know how sad I was when I had to let you go.
That I cried so many tears for you and still they do not end.
Were there ever times my love for you I somehow failed to show.
Did you know in all this world you were my very closest friend.

As I remember our life together now I pray with all my heart.
That I never failed you in any way and that you always knew.
Tho now you have gone on ahead and we are far apart.
My love for you shall always be forever strong and true.

So go in peace and joy my special one to where you can be free.
To where the lovely rainbow ends and love will fill your heart.
Be happy there and know my love is real as you wait for me.
And that one day i will come to you and never we shall part
© ~Kathy Hayes aka Katie~

Eternal Soulmates

You are the one,
with whom I'm destined to be,
across space and time,
you are drawn to me,

One love, one life, we are destined to be,
soulmates forever throughout eternity,
In past lives I have loved you,
In this life I love you too,

And I know if I shall live again,
I am destined to love you,
across space and time, you are drawn to me,
One love, one life, we are destined to be,

Soulmates forever throughout eternity,
I know I'll always find you where ever you are,
No matter the consequence,
No matter how far,

Even in death I shall love you more,
to fuel my search to find you,
so we shall love once more,
across space and time, you are drawn to me

One love, one life, we are destined to be,
Soulmates forever throughout eternity.

~ Author Lisa Teller


True Love
True love is a sacred flame ~
And none can dim it's special glow ~
Or change it's destiny.
True love speaks in tender tones ~
And hears with gentle ear, ~
True love gives with open heart
And true love conquers fear. ~
True love makes no harsh demands ~
It neither rules nor binds,
And true love holds with gentle hands ~
The hearts that it entwines

The Storm

Tears are the water that feeds the meadows of my heart,
I cry and cry; for we did not want to part.
‘Longing’ is the clouds that make this day so dull,
Wishing and wishing my heart was not so full
I call your name with a mighty breath
That is the wind, which carries news of your death.

This storm in my soul is relentless and cruel,
There is fire in my heart, and love is its fuel,
My heart grows so cold like a deep winters day
My summer just ended when you went away.
Like a raging tornado my mind spins around
I fall to my knees and my heart starts to pound.

This season of grief will be over one day
My sky will be blue and no longer gray
This pain that I feel is like the storm’s thunder
Fearsome and loud, waking new life from slumber.
When the storm passes by, a new day will start,
And the sun will once again rise in my heart.

My heart will be freed, and my torment will end,
I will find love again; I will find a new friend.
You will never be gone from my soul or my heart
Your spirit will stay and never depart.
After the storm of these tears that now flow,
You will send me a sign- you will send a rainbow.
Steve Bateman (2007)



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