one spring we met and fell in love,
that season we bloomed, as did the flowers,
discovering all the shades and colors that we were.
Spring turned to summer one fine june, we were so in tune,
to each other, to love, to dreams, to all the future held.
we entwined into the stem, we thought would hold our love.
the summer days passed into fall, we pledged,
to be one with the other, for then, forever, for eternity.
then the leaves began to fall, and winter came.
you are now the bulb sleeping in my soul
no longer to bloom, no color to show, no garden to grow
but ah the spring i do recall, was the most cherished time of all

1-28-07 Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


you lit my spirit up inside,
my heart from you i could not hide,
we wove a dreamworld for us two,
it seemed my entire world was new,
and it was with you.

but now the days seem to pass so slow,
what to hold onto, what to let go,
over two months since you went away,
i never knew i would feel this dismayed,
though i know you couldnt stay.

in my mind i live in dreams,
remembering love from you it seems,
every thought, every touch, all we shared,
reminds me of what I lost, how we cared
it was so real, im glad we dared.

no other love will ever come near,
to what we had when you were here,
and all my future days are blue,
because none of them will be with you,
how much you were loved, I hope you knew

1/28/07 Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


I wear black
because everything inside feels like it's dead or dying,
i can find no joy in life,
every day is another day, without you.

I wear black
because deep inside that is the color that I see,
it reflects the void in my soul,
it is the color of my heart, now.

I wear black
because i miss everything about you,
because i will never touch you again,
because you will never touch me.

I wear black
because its the color of the night,
its the color of sadness,
because thats what is left of our life together.

I wear black.
because that is the absence of hope,
it is the absence of love,
it is the color of death.

i wear black.

10/30/07 Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


your rings on my fingers,
the earing in my ear,
the one thats the mate to,
the one you used to wear.
Your serape on my shoulders,
your bracelet on my arm,
your necklace under my pillow,
to keep me from harm.
your pictures on my dresser,
a lit candle every night,
your books on my bookshelf,
and i try with all my might.
but everything i keep,
your memory, they renew,
though everynight i cry,
cause they just are not you.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


What Lasts

the days they pass, the tears they fall
i guess what lasts, isn't love after all

theres no one who knows me, the way you have done
eyes alive with excitement, where now there is none

still i keep searching, for something with meaning
through sadness and loss, no joy intervening

I seek the person that i used to be,
but since youve been gone, there isnt a me.

the times i so treasured, the thoughts fill my days
in music, in memories or the turn of a phrase.

all we were i remember, our love i embrace
the love lost expressed, in the tears on my face.

tears flowing freely. down cheeks just like rain.
Like drops on a window, sliding slowly down the pane.

there are things in this life, I've still yet to do,
but i'll be incomplete, until im with you.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade





I can still see you
pulling my arm to you
so you could kiss my hand

i can still see you
pulling me over you
so you could kiss my forehead

i can still see you standing
naked in the dimlight
in our lovers embrace
the look on your face

I can still see your neck
that like a magnet drew
me to gently kiss it

i can still see your hand
clasping mine, your lips
kissing mine

I can still see you
driving up to meet me
getting out of your truck

i can still see you
standing over me
resting your chin on my head
resting you head on my chest

I can still see you
the look on your face
the tear from your eye
the last breath you took

I can still see you
in my mind
in my heart
can you see me

1/31/07 Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade

sometimes as i gaze,
at life going past,
i see all the colors,
the flowers, life outside,
but i cant seem to find,
anything at all inside.
I know the things I need to do,
its all inside my head,
but there is not a single thing,
i wish to do,
except come be with you.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


When the wave of grief approaches,
the weight of it, crashes down.
it is unbearably heavy, crushing,
makes it hard to breathe.

The tears pour forth,
like water falls, in spring,
after heavy snows.

As time passes, the waves,
less consume us,
slowly receding,
but ever stalking,
to swallow us once more,
but with less frequency.

later the tears come forth,
as flash floods,
and then,
from our eyes the tears seep
as our souls forever weep.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


Even in a room full of people
even with my child
the solitude in my head
is all encompassing

like onmaxwell smart
where all the doors
keep slaming shut
except its locking me inside

seperating you from me
is taking the thread from a needle
the sand from an hourglass
the sap from a tree

its ripping everything
from inside of me.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade

What Is Need

its waking up at 5 am
and realizing
you will never be
my goodmorning sunshine
its looking at the phone
that used to connect me to you
for hours on end
and knowing
now it never rings

its looking at your things
being with your dad
your mom, your son
and knowing
i will
and they will
never be you
its looking in the mirror
looking into my own eyes
and falling
into the sea of pain
and floating away
on my tears.

Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade


music- fisher-i will love you

DAVID pg 9