From every human being there rises a light
that reaches straight to heaven
and when two souls that are destined to be together
find each other.
a single brighter light
goes forth from their united being-Baal

David in hebrew means beloved

Ani ledodi ve dodi li

Loving hebrew quote from Song of Songs,
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"

this is the dress i chose

Soulmate-twin flame or twin soul
thought to be the ultimate soulmate,
the one and only other half of one's soul,
for which all souls are driven to find and join.

Love Is
Author: unknown
Love is all that matters.
Love is everything.
It is the showing of songs and of silences, and
the holding of memories only the heart can see.
In nothing are we as rich as in our memories of love,
for they are ours alone and tell our story.
Love's music may be different to each of us,
but oh, how beautiful the dance.

This is the love of my life

when we met, i thought i finally found someone to talk to
and i did
i thought id found someone who wanted to really know me
i thought id found someone who was just like me
i thought id found someone to trust
and i did
i thought id found someone who would never be unfaithfull
someone to share nature, and moonlight and love with
someone to give my heart to
and i did
i thought id found the other half of me, my twin flame my soulmate
i thought I found a home in your arms, in your heart, in your mind
and i did
when you got sick i said id never leave you, id stay with you till the end
and i did

These are the rings we proudly wore

The Dream, a love poem.

When pleasure was, in dreaming, sure
I had a dream of love so pure
That angels shout when whispers sang
Into the air, then voices rang
To shout out their, "I love you"
And that was when I, dreaming, knew
That in all the world there will never be
Another love as yours for me.
But I awoke and in sorrow found
No traces of you were still around
And remembering the dream before
I closed my eyes to dream once more.
by Monique Urban

Love Lost
By S.L.E. Dade

The sun it shines and warms my skin
but doesnt reach the depth
to thaw the cold and hollow core
frozen since your death

i see the people living life
i watch the wind as it blows
but the blackness in my heart and soul
consumes though no one knows

the smiles i see on others faces
the joy within their eyes
those are just remembered things
once your soulmate dies

no other can share my thoughts
my soul an open book
be the one to love me or to
comfort with a look

the touch of connectedness
the caring, and the laughter ringing
under moonlite skies in love
my soul was always singing

but now is quiet desperation
the black of sadness lingers
the lonely, broken face i see
and his rings upon my fingers

no more will there be days of warmth
no songbirds do i hear
no more will there be another
to gently wipe a tear

no tenderness, no heart to heart
no passionate embrace
no kisses true or i love you
that make my heart race

my hopes and dreams are shattered
the promise, the passion, the life
evrything died with you
now im noones wife

Flower and Ivy Wedding Ceremony
this was the ceremony we chose

An ivy wreath is being used as the base. Various
friends and family members will add sprigs of
plants/flowers with traditional meanings related to marriage.

PERSON #1 (placing wreath on altar):
This wreath symbolizes the marriage that Samantha and David
are celebrating here today. We, their friends and their family,
will create a visual symbol of their vows... A wreath that will
decorate their home, as love decorates their lives. This wreath will
let them remember the love shared by all of us here today.

PERSON #2: The wreath has been created from ivy, a traditional symbol
of Matrimony and Friendship. The circular shape of the wreath mirrors
the rings that David and Samantha have already exchanged
and symbolizes the never ending devotion that they pledge
each other on this day.
Ivy does not "feed upon" the tree or stone it clings to,
and this is important to its symbolism.

Nothing can separate ivy from a tree it has once embraced,
and if the tree falls, the ivy stays around it.
But the ivy is held to the soil by its own roots.
It gets nothing from the substance of the companion,
and though it dies on the same spot, it dies in its
own time, making its own independent gesture.

Today David and Samantha have cemented the bond that they
share but they have not ceased to grow as individuals.

PERSON #3: These are branches of larkspur, a traditional symbol
of humor and levity, and dock, a symbol of patience.
These are added with a wish that David and Samantha never
lose the patience and humor which help to sustain their
relationship through even the roughest times and
which enrich their daily life.

PERSON #4: This rosemary symbolizes remembrance.
I add this to the wreath with the wish that David and Samantha
never allow each other to forget the way that they feel today,
and that they will always recall the romance and passion that
they felt on the day of their meeting. This tarragon symbolizes
the unselfish regard with which they should treat one another,
today and always.

PERSON #5: I add violets and snowdrops which symbolize
faithfulness and hope. David and Samantha will need
these traits throughout their lives together.
Their faith and trust in one another will be strengthened
as time goes on. Without hope, there is no chance of success.
With hope they will realize that they can achieve every goal.

PERSON #6: These roses symbolize the passion (hold up red roses)
the beauty (hold up lavender roses) and unity (hold up red & white roses)
that David and Samantha feel today. May they always take the time to
find the beauty around them, the passion within them, and to feel strength
that their unity provides them. May they always recall and honor their vows
made this day.


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