Who was Dave
He was the man I love
he was a warm,
loving, caring man

I saw him tend kitties, kiss them
he was the gentlest soul

He saved an injured dove once
and nursed it back to health
for a year and then set it free

He loved me in more ways
than I have ever known.
he was affectionate and caring;
He showed how much he loved me
every day in a hundred ways

He appreciated me and missed me when
i was not with him. he would call,
even if i had only been gone 5 minutes
to tell me he missed me
yet he was a man
tough, rugged, strong and creative
He could build things, fix things, grow things, cook things
He was a bad boy gone good, or visa versa at times

His names
David- hebrew meaning beloved

Desdinova- from the B.O.C. song astronomy,
it means eternal light.

Perdurabo- means I will endure in latin
and related to Alistair Crowley

Manillichi-from a haunting song by Fleetwood Mac,
which seems to document; the song writers
struggle to stop his descent into madness.
the writer always maintained that the song is about money.

His Ringtone - the song IRONMAN

His favorite album in 2006 - nymphetamine

His favorite thing to do before he met me was read.
Technical manuals and science fiction

Favorite Author- Kurt Saxon

His favorite colors were red, black and purple.

He taught himself Latin, Hebrew and Futhark.
He could read and write both hebrew and futhark- the language of the runes.
His favorite thing in life was to research the origins of words and language

He studied hebrew, in order to correctly tranlate original
biblical text and in relation to the kaballah and
and other esoteric studies. which he had attained a high level of mastery in

He was wise beyond his years,
knowledgeable beyond his peers and
magical; in his presence

He was a wonderful man.

my king,
my cowboy,
my love